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Horizon2020 Moltech AnjouUniversite Angers

Project: ESR-14: PhD at Université D’Angers, France
Topic: Three-dimensional conjugated systems with reduced S-T gap
Researcher (ESR): Mr. Pablo Simon Marques
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Philippe Blanchard, prof. dr. Clément Cabanetos
Co-supervisor: Prof. dr. David Beljonne
Starting Date: 01-10-2017
End date: 30-09-2020

Three-dimensional conjugated systems with reduced S-T gap

The researcher will mainly work at MOLTECH-Anjou under the supervision of Dr. P. Blanchard, CNRS Research Director, and Dr. C. Cabanetos, CNRS Researcher. The ESR will be trained in organic synthesis and heterocyclic chemistry and analytical methods, e.g. NMR, thermal characterization, optical spectroscopy, and (spectro)electrochemistry. He will also be trained to the preparation and characterization of thin films and organic photovoltaics devices for a rapid evaluation of the results of molecular design.

Prof. Beljonne from the University of Mons (UMONS, Belgique) will also co-supervise this PhD thesis and accordingly, a three months secondment to UMONS is planned for simulation of materials with varied S-T gap. A two-months stay at the Technical University of Dresden (Germany) for processing of organic semiconductor devices and one more month at Heliatek GmbH (Germany) for fabrication vacuum-processed OSCs are planned.

Contact Persons: Dr. P. Blanchard (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., +33 (0)2 41 73 50 59)