Please download and carefully read the updated Guide for Applicants for all specific information on the application and selection procedure.

To submit your application, please fill in the requested data in the online application form, upload your application file and submit your application.

To facilitate a first gender-neutral ranking, all applications need to be fully gender-neutral.This means that – in all your documents – all references to given names and gender, as well as photos, have to be avoided, hidden or deleted!
This can be easily achieved by either covering these elements with white, non-transparant (text-)boxes in Word, before saving your files to PDF. Or by converting your PDF to different JPEG files (via an online free converter). Then, in Paint, select and delete the gender-related items in each JPEG file. When finished, select all JPEG files and save/print them as one PDF.
Please also pay close attention to any references such as "Mr.", "Ms.", "he", "she", "him", "her", "himself", "herself" in Certificates, Grade Lists and Recommendation Letters.